Since our start of Agape Mission (now known as Agape Mission Alliance) in 2009, God has given Rev. Peter T. Mang the vision for church planting and multiplication movements. Prior to serving as a church planter, he served as itinerant evangelist for 2 years from 2009-2011. Peter and Alice are truly committed to doing the ministry God’s way. With a high fervor and deep conviction of God’s call to the ministry, they have had God’s direction for church planting in Hlaingthayar, Yangon.

The burden for church planting is accorded with Agape Mission Alliance. On September 6, 2011, after much prayer and having received a confirmation, Peter and his family moved to Hlaingthayar to plant churches that plant churches. The fund is established with self-support and generous support of those who share our God-given vision. Through a right discern of God’s leadership, a faith-life has begun and a church planting movement was started from a humble beginning. 

Agape Church conducted its first corporate worship service on Sunday, September 23, 2012. Worship services were conducted at a rented 2-story house of Agape Mission Center located in 13 Quarter, Hlaingthayar. In September 2013, worship services were moved to a rented apartment of Agape Center located in 6 Quarter, Hlaingthayar. A few months later a rented apartment was closed due to prohibiting restraints, and we continued functioning through small groups and house churches since then.

The Impact of the Gospel

When we started Agape Church in Hlaingtharyar on Sunday, September 23, 2012, our attendees were just a small group of 12 people. Our beginning may seem small, but the progress is to greatness. We envision the small groups and house churches movements that accelerate the Great Commission in our generation.

Christ’s love compels us and we are passionately committed to transforming lives through God’s Word, helping believers grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, developing and equipping disciple makers who make disciples that plant churches that plant churches, and mobilizing local churches and ministries to fulfill the Great Commission.

We are committed to seeing a church grow and multiply. Agape Church grew from a small group of people meeting in a tiny house once a week, to providing Bible study groups on a regular basis, to multiplying small groups and house churches in centers of influence. 

We provide creative approaches to evangelism, disciple making movement, and mission mobilization movement, and to develop innovative solutions that facilitate church planting, multiplication and growth movements that is both thoroughly biblical and fundamentally strategic.

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