Since the start of Agape Mission in 2009, God has implanted in Rev. Peter T. Mang the vision of planting a healthy church in every community in Myanmar. Prior to serving as a church planter, he served as an itinerant evangelist in Ayeyarwady Region for 2 years from 2009 to 2011. Peter and Alice are truly committed to doing God’s work in God’s way. After much prayer, with high fervor and deep conviction of God’s call to church planting ministry, in September 2011, they had God’s direction to start a new church plant in Hlaingthayar, Yangon.

Agape Church Planting was started at the initiative of Agape Mission in September 2011. After much prayer and having received confirmation, on September 6, 2011, Peter and his family moved to Hlaingthayar to plant healthy churches that multiply. The fund is established with self-support and generous support of those who share our God-given vision and believe in our mission. Through the right discernment of God’s leadership, a faith life has begun and a church planting movement was started from a humble beginning. 

We launched our first church plant in Hlainthayar, Yangon, and conducted its first corporate worship service on Sunday, September 23, 2012. Worship services were conducted at a rented 2-story house of Agape Mission Center located in 13 Quarter, Hlaingthayar. In September 2013, worship services were moved to a rented apartment of Agape Center located in 6 Quarter, Hlaingthayar. A few months later a rented apartment was closed due to prohibiting restraints, and we gather weekly in house churches since then.

Our Impact

In June 2009, our Founder Rev. Peter T. Mang began to serve as an itinerant Evangelist, sharing the gospel with unreached people in remote villages and cities across Ayeyarwady Region. In September 2011, he then began pursuing God’s call to church planting and started planting house churches in Yangon.

When we launched our first church plant in Hlaingtharyar on Sunday, September 23, 2012, our attendees were just a small group of 12 people. We are committed to seeing a church grow and multiply. A new church plant grew from a small group of people meeting in a tiny house once a week, and providing small groups Bible study on a regular basis to making disciples who make disciples and planting healthy churches that multiply.

We envision a movement of church planters working to plant healthy churches that multiply healthy disciples and churches to accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

We provide creative approaches to evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership development, mission mobilization, and community development to accelerate church planting among unreached people in Myanmar.

In 2020, the Agape Mission launched Vision 2030 with the goal of planting 300 healthy, growing, multiplying churches among unreached people in Myanmar by the end of 2030.

Join the church planting movement

We are looking for 300 strategically positioned church planters from across the country.

We desire to see:

  • A healthy pipeline of new church planters across the country.
  • New church planters who plant healthy churches that multiply.
  • New church plants that reach unreached and unchurched people.
  • Healthy churches with a strong and healthy disciple making culture.
  • Church plants that become sustainable (self-supported) within five years.
  • Effective church leadership and administration as part of a new church plant.
  • Local or independent churches that value the support provided by associations.

Call: +95 9 252 899 155 or Email: info@agapechurchyangon.org