Become a Church Planter

We are committed to planting a healthy church with a strong and healthy disciple making culture that will multiply healthy disciples and churches.

As a church planter, you take the initiative in establishing a healthy and vibrant community of faithful followers of Jesus Christ while leading a new church plant to engage, equip, and empower every disciple to multiply healthy disciples and churches.

You Don’t Plant Alone

When you plant a church with Agape Church Planting, you become part of a family of church planters who plant healthy churches that have Jesus Christ as Savior King in the areas of loving God, loving people, and making disciples.

Agape Church Plants are fundamentally biblical, missional, independent, healthy churches led by healthy leaders with their own leadership teams. There is a team of experienced practitioners and practice leaders behind you to encourage and support you as you do the hard work of church planting.

Church Planting Process

You will go through a healthy process of seeking the will of God and preparing for church planting to join a family of church planters working to plant a healthy church in every community in Myanmar.  

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  • Church Planter Assessment
  • Church Planting Training
  • Church Planting Intern
  • Church Planting Apprentice
  • Launch a Church
  • Church Consulting & Leadership Development

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