Agape Initiatives

In pursuit of his God-given Agape Vision and God’s calling on his life, Rev. Peter T. Mang founded Agape Initiatives with a vision to catalyze agape love transformational development movement that will bring redemptive love, transforming grace, living hope, and abundant life to people groups.

In June 2009, Agape evangelistic ministry was started from humble beginnings and later initiated seven Agape parachurch ministries and merged into Agape Initiatives in 2018. Since then, it has grown into a national movement with multifaceted transformational development initiatives that accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

The multifaceted transformational development initiatives include Agape Discipleship Alliance, Agape Mission Alliance, Agape Entrepreneurship Association, Agape Development Foundation, Agape Youth Alliance, Agape Resources Organization, and Agape Leadership University.

Agape Mission Alliance

Founded in 2009, Agape Mission Alliance is a family of mission mobilizers, church planters, and churches working to accelerate church planting movements through mobilizing local churches, equipping and empowering church planters, and planting multiplying churches among unreached people.

In 2020, the Agape Mission Alliance launched Vision 2030 with the goal of planting 300 healthy, growing, multiplying churches among unreached people in Myanmar by the end of 2030.

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Agape Discipleship Alliance

Founded in 2013, Agape Discipleship Alliance is a cluster of disciple-making churches dedicated to equipping and empowering disciples who make disciples, growing a disciple-making culture in churches, and accelerating church growth in Myanmar.

Agape Discipleship Alliance exists to provide disciplers and churches with resources, training, strategies, and tools for effective evangelism and discipleship to accelerate church growth.

Agape Entrepreneurship Associaitton

Founded in 2015, Agape Entrepreneurship Association is a network of transformational entrepreneurs and missional impact investors committed to creating wealth and generating sustainable solutions to local real problems through entrepreneurship.

Agape Entrepreneurship Association exists to engage, equip, and empower missional entrepreneurs, create business opportunities, build transformational entrepreneurship ecosystem, and accelerate micro, small and medium enterprises development.

Agape Development Foundation

Founded in 2016, Agape Development Foundation is a fundraiser for Agape Initiatives and its multifaceted transformational development initiatives.

Agape Development Foundation exists to create financial sustainability for multifaceted transformational initiatives and provide a holistic and sustainable approach to transformational development.


Agape Youth Alliance:

Founded in 2017, Agape Youth Alliance is a community of practice who are committed to providing a holistic approach to children and youth development.

Agape Youth Alliance exists to advocate to ensure that all vulnerable children and youth have access to the resources, education, and supports they need to thrive.

Agape Resources Organization

Founded in 2016, Agape Resources Organization is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making resources accessible for leaders, churches, organizations, local ministries, and businesses.

Agape Resources Organization exists to mobilize resources, coordinate multifaceted transformational initiatives, and increase access to resources.

Agape Leadership University

Founded as Agape Institute in 2017, Agape Leadership University is a private Christian university in Yangon, Myanmar. The mission of Agape Leadership University is to provide quality and affordable higher education for transformational leaders.

Agape Leadership University is committed to offering world-class executive education, graduate education, continuing education, professional education, vocational education, and technical training in collaboration with our international partner institutions. We envision a leading private Christian university in Myanmar.

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